7 Tips On Writing An Effective About Page

It’s not difficult to get great leads from your About page every day. But most people don’t. That’s what I call a missed opportunity. Why do most of us miss this opportunity? Let’s be honest, most About pages kinda suck.

I mean, really suck. That’s what I meant to say:)

Now, sitting down to craft an effective About page can be intimidating, so I wanted to share a few tips with you. Keep these in mind and it’ll be far easier to get the copy written for it.

  1. Sure, have a short company bio, but that’s about 10% of the story here.
  2. Tell a story…why did you start your business in the first place? What drives you to succeed? Don’t tell people you care. Tell them WHY you care. Be specific.
  3. If you’re meeting someone new in person, it’s unlikely you’d say anything like “I’m the top person in my field. I care more than anyone else. No one works harder than me. Here, look at this list of my credentials.” But we say shit like that on our About pages all the time. When you think about it that way, it’s not too confusing why it doesn’t resonate with people. Real human conversation centers a lot more around what we like, what we think is funny or moving, what we care about. Not that we care…what we care about and why.
  4. Your About page should be targeted. In other words, if it appeals to 99% of the human race, it’s crap. Your About page should pull at the heart strings of a few people. Just a few. The people you absolutely like working with the best.
  5. Talk about THEM, not just you. The content should make it clear that you know where they’re coming from. They should feel like you understand their frustrations and what worries them. Meet them at their level. What problem do you solve better than anyone else? What does it feel like to be in the midst of that problem? How awesome does it feel when it gets fixed? The more you laser target this, the more your prospects will realize you’re the obvious person they want to work with. From there, signing up for your email list is compulsory. Their concerns are addressed, and there’s nothing left for them to think about.
  6. Use your About page also to link up a lot of the best content on your site if possible. Demonstrate that however much they’ve read and enjoyed on their first visit, there’s a lot more where that came from.
  7. Have a compelling call to action. If you want them to sign up for your list, ask them to do that. Don’t just have an opt in form off to the side. That’s fine, but spell it out for them. Tell them right in the copy of the page itself what you want them to do next.

Your About page is rarely the first page people visit. They will however, hit your About page after being on your site a while. People who are considering doing business with you definitely want an opportunity to “meet” you. They want to get a sense of who you are, what your company is about. The more your About page resonates with them, the more likely they’ll be to contact you or sign up for your list.

Consider including photos and video also. Photos and video of yourself, your office, your team, etc. Some people are just more visual than others, and this type of content resonates much more greatly with them.

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