Are You Spending More Time Figuring Out The Internet Than You Are Following Up On Leads You Get From The Internet?

There are virtually infinite ways to run a business. And there are virtually infinite ways you can market yourself on the interwebz. Which one is best?

Answer: the one you’ll commit to mastering.

Any toolset and approach you use has pros and cons. I humbly submit my own strategy for your consideration:

  1. Set up a WordPress blog.
  2. Share ideas on blog regularly. Except for when I sketch out and take a break for a few months here and there. I share ideas when I have ideas to share. I don’t force it.
  3. Regularly ask people to get on my email list. Give them cool free stuff to trick them into signing up. Very sneaky.
  4. Regularly stay in contact with subscribers. Tell them about new content on blog. Regularly ask them to buy stuff also. I tend to stick to a 7:1 ratio or thereabouts. That is to say, 7 free articles:1 offer.
  5. Share blog content across social media channels.
  6. Advertise my business using print and PPC. Drive traffic to landing pages.

This is literally all I’ve done for years. Will you get great results immediately? Of course you already know the answer to that question.

You’ll need to work at it, just like you needed to learn how a computer works, how to use your smartphone or any other tool. And the more you work at it, the better results you’ll get. There’s a learning curve, but it’s a very worthwhile one.

This is what we do as business owners. We invest in worthwhile things. It’s how we grow.

Your blog is your new smart phone. Trust me, it’s the direction marketing is going.

Do you have questions? Of course you do! You’re likely new to a couple of the techniques on this list. Always feel free to shoot me any questions you have. You’ll hear back from me. Your feedback inspires every post I write here. Thank you for that 🙂


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