The Best Marketing Tools In The World Will Do You No Good


Roll up your sleeves…I have bullet points for you today. And “secrets to success” stuff, yo!

The best marketing tools in the world do you no good…if you don’t use them. There’s such a thing as getting better tools and furthering your education. There’s also such a thing as procrastination. Become intimately familiar with the difference.

It pays to work on yourself. And it pays to use the right tools for the job. But it also pays to just roll up your sleeves and get to work. I’ve been doing this long enough to see clients come and go over the years. They move from one “marketing system” to the next, trying to find the one that “works”. I’ve even had some go full circle. They’ll try 10 different website providers, come to me for a year or so and leave, off on their continued search for the holy grail. Then a couple years later, they’re back. Still searching. It’s such a shame.

Here’s the deal guys. What you have now…works. The stuff I sell also works. I honestly believe what I do is better, and I’m happy to give you my spiel any time. You know that. But it’s only better in certain ways. And it only works if you use it. Suffice to say there are pros and cons to everything.

Marketing has been around for as long as commerce has existed. And for as long as marketing has been around, there have been people getting rich and others trying to figure out the “secret” to what works. Guess what. The most successful marketers aren’t trying to find the secret. They know there isn’t one. They use a simple formula. If you want to call it a damn secret, then fine ๐Ÿ™‚ Bottom line, here it is:

Learn Shitย โ†’ Do Shitย โ†’ Rinse and Repeat

In other words, successful marketers do these things:

  • They don’t forget about STEP TWO (do shit)
  • They put things into action.
  • They get in gear.
  • They don’t stay locked in learning mode.
  • They know that no system works if you don’t work the system.
  • They don’t buy stuff and let it sit on the shelf. They put it to work.
  • When stuff doesn’t work out or when they make mistakes, they just pick the pieces up and keep going. That’s the ultimate learning process.
  • They’re not afraid to make mistakes.
  • They don’t LIKE making mistakes, but they’re willing to do so.
  • They know the alternative to making mistakes and experiencing failures is a process of always nitpicking things, mitigating in a futile attempt to keep themselves from failing. Failure is in reality, the best teacher of all.

A bit of a rant today? Possibly ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s something that has been coming up a lot in consulting lately, and anytime I see a trend I want to address it on the blog. No consultant, no marketing strategy or magic silver bullet shiny tool-of-the-month can ever work for us if we’re not willing to roll our sleeves up and get to work.

Thx Ben Garney for the rocking picture today ๐Ÿ™‚


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