Blogs Don’t Work

Yes…I’m publishing a blog post about how blogs don’t work. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone how silly that is 😉

Before I got into this internet business full time, I spent several years selling real estate. I never once heard a home builder say “hammers don’t work”. Why not?

I mean, you absolutely cannot build an entire home with a hammer. So clearly if you go around wielding a hammer, even if you do it with finesse and a level of Bruce Lee mastery the likes of which the world has never seen…you’re still never gonna wind up with a beautiful home from using just a hammer.

Also…imagine what would happen if you swung the hammer just half an inch to the left of where it was supposed to go, even once. Damn! You’ll end up with a big hole in the wall. The nail still isn’t driven in, and now you have a big hole in the wall. And here you are using this damn hammer left and right. Now you have a hole in the wall, and you STILL don’t have a completed home. Ridiculous.

Clearly, hammers don’t work.


Oh wait…maybe that’s a horribly dumb analogy 🙂

A hammer is a tool. It doesn’t work. YOU work. Or you don’t. That’s a decision you can make on your own. If you decide to build a home, you’ll likely put a hammer to work for you at some point. Or you’ll hire others to use them. Whatever.

The point is that a hammer is a tool. It enables you to do things that you couldn’t otherwise do. That’s what tools are for. What kind of results you get with them has very little to do with the tool itself. How well you use it is what will determine the results you get. It’s also very likely you’ll need more than one tool to reach your goals.

Your blog is a powerful tool

I’m an advocate of blogging to market your small business. I’ve been saying for years that blogs are the new smartphones. They enable you to engage and converse with a large number of people in a leveraged way. It’s a powerful communication tool. But simply having a blog is the same as having a hammer. No one is impressed. Now…if you put the work in and learn how to use it expertly, the results you can get are phenomenal.

What kind of results will you get with your small business blog? It depends on what you do with it.

My companies can pull in as many as 300-500 leads in a single day. Over 90% of that comes from blogs. I’ve literally built my entire business using blogs. Does that mean blogs work? 

I know many who have had a blog for years and get luke warm results at best. Does that mean blogs don’t work? 

If you view your marketing tools as something that should produce results on their own without reference to how well you use them, then you’ll find in most cases that your results are pretty dismal. Small business blogs are no different than any other tool. Some use their blogs to build multimillion dollar businesses. Others use them to talk about what Katy Perry did with her hair last week.

The principles we teach clients work. How do I know? Because I use the exact same principles and the exact same tools in my own business. My livelihood depends on these things being effective. Will you follow the systems and demand the results you’re seeking? I hope so. Will you follow 10% of what we recommend and then decide that “blogs don’t work”? Totally up to you 😉


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