CC Underwood talks about Homes for Heroes

cc-underwoodI met CC Underwood recently on Facebook. She’s a Realtor in Jacksonville, FL. Today she shared something she was involved with that I just had to share with you as a great example of how to run a business.

CC is an affiliate for a program called Homes for Heroes. The organization gives money back to military families, firefighters, police officers and other local heroes. Anytime they purchase a home, they get money back at closing, contributed by the professionals involved in the transaction. Watch a short video of CC explaining the program in an interview.

I’ve had so many discussions with clients who are searching for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. The best answer is as simple as this!

People work with people they like, bottom line. Who wouldn’t love and appreciate an organization like this? It’s a fantastic way to contribute, and it’s also a great way to grow.

Are you contributing substantially to your community? The more value you give away, the more valuable you become. This is how you create wealth my friends.

I hope you’re havin a blast this week. Questions? Want me to cover something on the blog? I love hearing from you! Peace.



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