It’s Helpful to Get a Little Pissed Off

There’s one thing most successful people seem to share. They take their success seriously. They’re willing to do what it takes. But it’s more than just a willingness. It’s a sort of deep-seated anger at the idea of NOT being successful that seems to drive them. Have you noticed it?

I regularly make recommendations to clients to start blogging, get more active in social media, change their strategies around. I’m sort of in the business of shaking things up and working to compel our clients to try new things. It’s uncomfortable. Let’s be honest about it. And that uncomfortableness is why a lot of people don’t follow through with this kind of advice sometimes.

Goal Setting and Business Planning is a Lot More Personal Than We Realize

I’m writing this post toward the end of the year. This is the time when I work with a lot of clients to revamp their approach, optimize their websites and generally get set up for success in the coming year. Here’s what most coaches and gurus of all sorts won’t tell you:

Achieving your goals this coming here is going to have a lot more to do with what you’re willing to settle for than what’s in your business plan. Yes…have a goal. But know your “why”. That is to say, WHY have you set the goals you’ve set? It’s a crucial question, and it’s one that most business owners never ask. You have the opportunity to do that now.

What are you willing to settle for? No matter where your goals are set, you’ve drawn a line…a line that stretches from what you’re willing to settle for to where you’re striving to be. You will end up closer to what you’re willing to settle for. It’s crucial to have a goal. But it’s also crucial to know whether or not you’re actually going to do what it takes to make it happen. And if not, maybe it’s a good idea to reassess.

Focus on More than What You Want

Just for one day, stop focusing on what you want, and focus intently on you hate. What pisses you off? What is absolutely unacceptable to you? Be honest. The reason this is such an important concern is because it’s how you find out where your standards are set. It might sound great to triple your sales for example, but are you willing to do what it takes to make it happen? Your standards will tell you very clearly if you are.

Is it absolutely unacceptable for you to not achieve the goals you’ve set for the coming year? If so, your chances of success are good. Anger is often the best fuel for action when motivation and coffee run dry. If you find yourself willing to settle for less than your goals, it’s a good idea to take a hard look at your standards, or your goals. If your goal motivates you to work hard, that’s great. If not achieving your goal doesn’t totally piss you off though, that’s a great indication some meditation on these things could be a very enlightening exercise. I know it has been for me.


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