Not Sure What to Do with This!

IMG_2223-0.PNGI’m not saying you need to start your work day at 3:40AM. I’m not saying you have to follow any particular strategy at all.

You’ll know intuitively what works best for you after you dive in. What most people do is never dive in. If there’s a real, true tactic…that’s it.

How do you know if you’re all in? How do you know for a fact that you’re on a trajectory to meet your real goals…the highest and best use of your life, even beyond your current goals?

There’s only one way to know. People need to be telling you to tone it down. Your commitment is uncommon. It alarms people. And they tell you to cut that shit out.

Their brains say “I don’t know what to do with this”, and they feel challenged. So in turn, they challenge you back. It’s an ego thing. It’s a game. It’s YOUR game. And it’s a game you win every time. Why? Because you’re the one who started it, remember?

Maybe you start your work earlier than anyone else. Maybe you work later than anyone else. Maybe you push more weight, take on far more responsibility than is expected. Maybe you decide to try something new, bold and outrageous every day. Maybe you decide to completely reinvent your brand when you’re already successful, because even though it’s a huge risk, you know in your gut that you’re capable of more.

It could be anything. But the point is that you’re doing it. And most everyone else isn’t.

How do you stand out? You do what others aren’t willing or able to do. That’s it. That’s the end of the story. You’re either gonna do it, or you’re gonna make excuses as to why you didn’t.

The good news is that it’s simple. You don’t need to move a whole mountain all at once here. The bar, I hate to say it, is set amazingly low.

  • Finish the blog post you’ve been sitting on for the last month. Click the publish button.
  • Call a trainer and book an appointment.
  • Pick up the phone and call your prospect.

These are the tasks we sit on and don’t address. The little details. This is how you move a mountain. One little rock at a time.

Have you watched tv in the last week? You could have been moving a mountain. True or not?


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