Questions to Ask Your Website Provider Today

If you’re reading this blog, you’re a small business owner. You probably already have a website. And you probably aren’t 100% happy with the results you’re getting with that website.

Hey…if you want to get some answers, you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re considering staying with your current website provider or are looking for a change, make sure to ask any web developer you’re working with these questions.

Ask them today.

You’re running your business today, right? Your prospects are visiting your website right now, as you read this. Make sure to address these concerns with your website vendor today, so you can ensure you’re not leaving money on the table.

  • Can you provide a strategy for us getting on the first page of Google? If they claim to “guarantee” specific search engine rankings, run in the other direction. SEO isn’t turnkey, it requires a strategy. So if visibility in search is important to you, make sure they provide a strategy you can follow.
  • What if I’m not happy with the results we’re getting? What type of support do you offer? Make sure you’re working with a provider that will work with you in an ongoing capacity to help you get results. 
  • If I want to update my website or change my design later, is that included? If not, what does it cost? You may get a website at a great price, but is it easy for you to edit and make updates? Or do you have to go through your developer for everything that needs to be done? Are you going to be charged again and again for ongoing maintenance? Make sure you get clear answers to these concerns, so you know what you’re signing up for.
  • As technology and search engine algorithms change, what steps do you take to ensure my website stays up to speed? While this didn’t used to be such a big concern, today is hugely important. Tech and SEO are changing constantly. If you’re website isn’t modified to stay current, you can quickly fall behind. Make sure your vendor has a plan in place to ensure your website stays current. 
  • I want to make sure we’re getting x-amount of leads from our website every month. What can you do to help us reach our goals? Be clear about what results you’re wanting to see. Ask your vendor directly what they can do to ensure it happens. Businesses don’t grow on accident. If you want your website to generate more leads and business, it needs to be addressed directly. Most designers study design, surprisingly enough. But most have no marketing experience whatsoever.
  • Do I have a dedicated IP address? This is more important than ever. Details here.
  • Can you ensure a specific page speed ranking? This is another metric that has grown in importance by leaps and bounds. Details here.
  • If I want to create lead capture pages to generate new business, do you provide tools for that? Lead capture pages are the #1 tool for lead gen. Creating them without the right tools is time consuming and expensive. Having tools to easily create your own lead capture pages not only saves you huge chunks of cash and a lot of hassle, it also makes your website much more profitable.
  • If I have marketing-related questions or need help understanding how to execute an idea on our website, do you provide support for that? Does your website vendor provide marketing support or just tech support? Not the same thing, at all. If you’re a small business owner with a web presence, you’re going to have marketing-related questions. You can always hire a marketing coach, and you may already have one. Bottom line, make sure you’ve got a direct and easy way to get the answers you need. 
  • What background do you have related to sales and marketing? Your designer knows design, of course. But what marketing experience do they have? Do they understand your particular industry? Do they know how to sell stuff? If not, how could they possibly build you a website that converts?

The web is filled with beautiful websites that look amazing but produce no results. If you want a website that converts, you need a website vendor that knows marketing, not just design.

It’s also crucial to not confuse search engine optimization with marketing. You can get all the traffic in the world, but if your website isn’t converting, you’ll still get no bottom line result. If your website DOES convert, you can grow your business with even a very small amount of traffic.

Make sure to ask these questions of ANY website vendor you’re considering doing business with. This way you can ensure you’re getting a website that is capable of performing the way you expect.

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