Are You Struggling To Figure Out How To Get More Business With Your Website Or Blog?

Is your website just…sitting there?

Do you want your website to produce a better bottom line result, but aren’t sure what to do?

3 Day Web Strategy is a service that examines your current website, your current web marketing strategy and your goals. To start, I have you answer a few brief questions, and then I do a review of your website and strategy. The review you receive is in video format, and it gives you specific steps to take to achieve your goals.

What Can You Do With 3 Day Web Strategy?

  • Kick start the results you’re getting from any blog or website
  • Get more traffic, leads and sales
  • Build your email list faster
  • Become more visible in search engines

There are a number of goals you can achieve with 3 Day Web Strategy. That’s why I start with a few questions for you, because it will tell me your goals and give me an idea of what you’re doing currently. From there, I can offer you highly targeted, valuable criticism to get you on track fast.

This isn’t just a quick visual review of your site, where I take a quick look and give you a quick opinion of what I think. I look at your CODE, your SEO, your MARKETING…the whole package.

What Does 3 Day Web Strategy Include?

I visit YOUR site and point out all the specific things you can do to meet YOUR goals. And you get a video of the whole thing. How cool is that?

3 Day Web Strategy is a review service. One of the most common questions I get is “Can you take a look at my site and tell me what to do to improve?” This is exactly what 3 Day Web Strategy is designed to do.

Here’s what you get:

  1. A video delivered to you, where I critique your site and offer specific steps you can take to reach the goals you’ve described. The video varies in length, depending on the project, it usually 30-40 minutes, approximately.
  2. A condensed bullet list of things to address on your website, delivered to you via email in pdf format along with your video.
  3. You receive the completed product within 3 business days.

What Does 3 Day Web Strategy NOT Include?

A review is just that. A review. It doesn’t include having all the work done for you. My job here is to get you on track and show you specific changes you can make that will get you the results you’re looking for. You may decide to act on the feedback I give you all at once, or you may want to put my suggestions into action one at a time…you’re in total control over what to do with the feedback I give you.

I offer this review service, so you can get a professional, unbiased critique of your marketing. You’ll still need to follow through and take action on the improvements I recommend.

If you want to get results faster, and you want to KNOW you’re moving in the right direction, 3 Day Web Strategy is the awesome, targeted solution you’re looking for.

Eliminate the guesswork. Eliminate the time consuming trial and error. Crush the learning curve, and go straight to getting results 🙂

Price: $297

How Do You Get Started?

If you’ve read to this point, it’s obviously time to get things rolling! How? It’s simple! Contact me via the button below. You will receive a prompt response. There is NO obligation to purchase. I’ll ask for a few details about your website and your goals. From there, you’ll receive your completed video review within 3 business days.

Let’s get to it!