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I’m excited to have you here. I run a profitable, location-independent business from my home. The primary way I’ve built this business is through leveraging the internet with blogging and social media.

I’ve found there are an increasing number of people wanting to grow their business using the internet. If you’re a small business owner struggling to figure out social media, blogging and more, then you’re in the right place! This blog is where I share the following:

  • The best internet lead generation strategies I’ve come across. Use these tips to build your business fast.
  • Blogging tips and techniques to get better results for your small business. Don’t just set up a blog and hope for the best. Get an actual strategy that ensures success.
  • Profitable social media strategies. Instead of wasting time with social media, spend a very small amount of time doing the RIGHT things to grow your business.
  • The best marketing ideas, people and tools I come across while operating my business. By sharing my favorite successful marketers, the tools I use in my own business and more, I’ve found that you can use the same lessons directly in your own business. I never recommend strategies or tools on this website if it’s not something I’ve directly and successfully used in my own business.
  • Unique and compelling rants about basically whatever I want. This is a blog after all. I reserve the right to be myself here, which includes the random political, religious or otherwise controversial post. Everything I publish here though, ties directly into marketing. We can glean lessons from virtually anywhere 🙂

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