The Almighty First Two Steps Toward Improving Lead Generation

So your small business website is up and running. And you want to see some dang leads coming in! Ok let’s get started 🙂

The subject of lead generation is something I write about at length here, but I wanted to point out the FIRST TWO STEPS explicitly, because they often get overlooked. Here ya go:

  1. Identify your primary call to action on every page – Take any page on your website and identify the one MAIN thing you want people to do there. Remember, a call to action absolutely does not have to be buying something. It can be an email sign up. It can be getting them to call you. It can be sharing an article on Facebook. It can be anything you want. Look at the page on your website and decide the primary thing you want your visitors to do there.
  2. Remove distractions – Now that you know exactly what you want your visitors to do after landing on that page, make sure you have your call to action displayed prominently on the page, so your visitors can’t miss it. And remove any distractions. The biggest thing I see affecting conversions on a lot of small business websites is simply a lack of clarity. If you ask visitors to do 27 different things, there’s a really good chance they’re not gonna do anything at all. But if you ask them to do ONE thing…and if you give them a compelling reason to do so, your odds of getting that to happen go up significantly.

It’s little details like this that make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting the conversions you want on your website. Of course it helps to have a website that gives you a lot of control over each and every page on your website. That’s why we build sites that do this. But you can apply these two steps (and everything I discuss on this blog in fact) to any website in the world. It’s not a specific magic type of website that gets results, it’s just marketing. It’s just a matter of learning what works in marketing and how to translate that to the web. If you have any questions about this one…hit me up 🙂


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