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  • What Does A Video Website Critique Include?

    I visit YOUR site and point out all the specific things you can do to get DRAMATICALLY MORE LEADS and SALES coming in from your website. And you get a video of the whole dang thing. How cool is that?

    One of the most common questions I get is “Can you take a look at my site and tell me what to do to improve?” 

    This is exactly what a Video Website critique does for you.

    Here’s what you get:

    A video delivered to you, where I critique your site and offer specific steps you can take to dramatically improve the results you get from the web. The video varies in length, depending on the project, it usually 30-40 minutes, approximately.

    What Does a Video Website Critique NOT Include?

    A Video Website Critique is a review service. It doesn’t include having all the work done for you. My mission is to get you on track and show you specific changes you can make that will get you the results you’re looking for.

    You may decide to act on the feedback I give you all at once, or you may want to put my suggestions into action one at a time…you’re in total control over what to do with the feedback I give you.

    I offer this review service, so you can get a professional, unbiased critique of your marketing. You’ll still need to follow through and take action on the improvements I recommend.

    If you want to get results faster, and you want to KNOW you’re moving in the right direction, a Video Website Critique is the awesome, targeted solution you’re looking for.

    Eliminate the guesswork. Eliminate the time consuming trial and error. Crush the learning curve, and go straight to getting results 🙂

  • Order before 11:59PM Friday, and you receive all of these as BONUSES ($300+ Value):

    Each of these products contains one or more full length video presentations on the topic, along with downloadable worksheets, checklists, etc.

    • Bonus 1: Lead Generation Masterclass (Module 1) – Small Business SEO and Social Media Strategy. SEO and social media remain a frustrating challenge for small business owners. But the value to your business is huge…if you do it the right way. Learn the quickest and easiest strategies that work.
    • Bonus 2: Lead Generation Masterclass (Module 2) – Small Business Website Marketing (Paid traffic and lead gen strategy). This class shows you exactly how to get immediate, low cost traffic directly your website. Build your list and get the sales you’re looking for faster than ever!
    • Bonus 3: Lead Generation Masterclass (Module 3) – Small Business Blogging Strategy. This class goes in depth and covers all the most common questions new bloggers have. How to make it work in your schedule. How to never run out of ideas for things to publish. How to get leads from your blog every day and much more.
    • Bonus 4: Lead Generation Masterclass (Module 4) – Small Business List Building and Conversion Principles. This class is longer and covers more material than the others. We break the modern website down and show you the exact elements that make a website convert. You learn the steps to take and exactly what you need to do to consistently and predictably earn new business from the web.
    • Bonus 5: Lead Generation Masterclass (Module 5) – Beginning with WordPress for Small Business Marketing. Getting rockstar results is way easier when you have the right tools for the job. Ya feel me? Throughout the articles and videos I publish on the web, I regularly recommend using WordPress as the platform for your web marketing. Not that you can’t use other stuff too, but WordPress should be a key part of the mix. I make that argument everywhere, and these products are no different. I mention WordPress several times throughout these classes, so it only makes sense to include a module that shows you how to get it set up. This class shows you the exact steps to take to install WordPress on your own and get it up and running.
  • Just a few reasons really:

    • It’s fun!
    • I’m giving you SEVERAL HUGE BONUSES along with this critique, because I’d honestly love to get your feedback on these brand new products before I release them. Not only do you get to be the first to see these products, but you also get them for FREE. And your feedback will help us fine tune things before the products launch.
    • We’re right at the beginning of the year, and this is by far the MOST popular time for people to order these Video Website Critiques. It’s the perfect time to get your website geared up for huge success, and I want to make that as easy as possible for you with this promotion.
    • THANK YOU for being a loyal subscriber. I know. That’s pretty much as cheesy as it gets, but what can I say? I really am blown away that I get to do this for a living. And I thank you. Sincerely. Some of you are new to the club, and some of you have been along for the ride for many years. The name of my new blog is THANK YOU BUSINESS, so I thought it was highly appropriate for me to discount something that I hardly EVER discount, as a thank you.

  • Here’s What Our Brilliant Clients Have To Say…

    I really love working with you. I like how easy you are to understand…I have found everything that you’ve given me easy to understand and highly valuable. In fact, I have recommended you to several of my friends over the last year.

    I believe that in the future this will prove to be one of the best decisions we ever made. We are finally getting our site made the way a site should be made. We have conversion rates to shoot for and a means to accomplish them. Your help has and will continue to result in more and happier clients for us- as well as more consistent inflow!

    – Doug Joyce

    Have a look at the screenshot I sent you, this is from Adwords, for the period since I made the changes you recommended.

    The conversion rate average is just under 23%, previously it was 8%!

    Just wanted to say thank you, it has made a real difference to our business.

    – Simon Chapple

    Christian is very receptive to input, creative and communicates well. Turn around time was fantastic.
    – Ken Montville

    Christian definitely goes an extra mile; always willing to talk and discuss things prior to taking on a job. One thing is for sure – traffic to my website has been growing steadily.
    – Philip Saparov

    I had no concerns about working with Christian. I was told he is the best. Top draw and a nice guy.
    – Steve Charrett

    Excellent experience. Very professional. Very helpful.
    – Rob Radford

    Christian was very helpful and friendly. He received an email referral and responded immediately to say that he looked forward to working with us.
    – Nicky Jarvis

    Amazing. Christian is great and quick and not that expensive.
    – Benjy Schwab

    I found Christian on Facebook. Working with him is absolutely perfect. He is timely, accurate, pleasant, has a can do attitude…I can go on and on! Would highly recommend his services. You can trust him to deliver what he promises. I am seeing results already. He knows what he is doing and has far exceeded my expectations.
    – Diane Donnelly

    Very impressed. Christian clearly knows what he is talking about.
    – Jim Johnston

    My experience working with Christian was wonderful! Super punctual. Easy to speak to. Professional. Honest. Very generous with his knowledge. Understood well and very capable. Always ready and eager to help 🙂 Ultimately, it’s up to me what I make of the experience.. but he sure helps to steer me in the right direction! Thank you Christian! You come highly recommended 🙂
    – Isabella Allard

    Christian is one of the most ethical, even keeled, and upbeat people I have ever worked with…He is definitely one step above the learning curve when it comes to internet marketing for small businesses.
    – Jason Kenny

    Christian is a strong marketer, well-known blogger, and asset to the industry. Hire Christian with confidence.
    – Michael Maher

    It seems these days finding “technology” with “service” is as rare as the “hope diamond”. Christian has found a way to balance these two vital ingredients for online success. I would highly recommend Christian as one of the most professional and diligent marketing experts I know. Bottom line…He takes a genuine interest in helping his clients be more successful.
    – Scott Pridemore

    Christian is innovative, motivated and professional. He seems to be very focused and knowledgeable in his business. I enjoy his down-to-earth demeanor and fun personality.
    – Kristy Miley

    Christian is very insightful, competitive and knowledgeable. We work together regularly, and I consider him an important part of my team. No, he is not related to me!
    – Cathy Russell

    I got lots of one-on-one time and attention, which was awesome.
    – Karyn Crispo Jones

    Christian was very helpful and understanding.
    – Aimee Ness

    I’ve been acquainted with Christian Russell for a couple of years now and know him to be honorable and knowledgeable.

    He has helped me get my website up and running. But more than that, he has stuck with me for all of the help I have needed with changes and technical assistance along the way.

    I don’t think he charges enough for services.

    – C Turner M.D.

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