What If I Do It Half-Assed?

Sometimes I half ass things. We all do. But we know that the best results come from a concerted effort, right?

This translates to marketing too.

If your website is not getting the results you want, there is an identifiable and correctable cause for it. In other words, there’s a system that can be devised for you that WILL produce the results you desire. But what if you half ass it?

One thing that happens a lot is, I’ll hear from business owners who’ve “tried everything”, but they’re still not getting results. But when I look at their site, there are no compelling calls to action, there is no blog and there is no social engagement to speak of on the website. So the truth is they’ve tried several things, not everything.

In most cases, we try individual things one at a time. We run an ad. Or Basically what happens is that we’re trying one thing, and we’re basically hoping it “works”. And when our one isolated effort fails on it’s own, we conclude it’s a scam or that it just “doesn’t work”. This is what I call “doing it half-assed”.

I don’t pretend to be any guru on the topic. I’m just a guy who runs a business from home and the road. I’ve worked with many thousands of clients in a sales and marketing capacity. That’s where I’m coming from. What I’ve seen is that no individual tactic or ad campaign is ever to blame for either the success or failure of a website.

What you need is a strategy. Before blogging, before SEO, before running ads, you have to have a strategy.

  1. What are your goals?
  2. Who are your ideal clients or customers?
  3. What is the best place to find your ideal clients and customers online?
  4. What is the most important problem that they perceive as a problem, that they’re really willing to spend money to correct?
  5. What is the best way to initiate a conversation with this type of prospect?
  6. After you have the above questions answered, how do plan to track results and make sure each part of your strategy is pulling it’s weight?

Can you have a website without knowing these details? Of course. And you’ll probably be able to get some results too. They’ll just be a small portion if what you’re capable of.

In my experience, following half a strategy or following through in a half-assed way usually gets you somewhere between zero and 10% of the results you’re actually capable of achieving. What’s odd is that following a well-crafted strategy that addresses all the elements I mentioned here (and following it completely) usually translates to getting even BETTER than the results you had hoped for.

Unfortunately creating a strategy like this just takes some introspective work and a little trial and error. You’re not gonna find a custom-crafted strategy that works perfectly for you in a cookie jar somewhere. It’s gonna take some work.

I’m rarely able to take on new coaching clients at any given time, but I’m always happy to introduce you to someone that will help you in this area. Just ask.

I usually consider working with a coach as a very similar situation as working with a personal trainer in the gym. It’s a limited engagement. I’ll meet with a coach or trainer and discuss strategy 1-3 times per year. It’s not cheap, and they don’t do the work for me. But it keeps me on track, it ensures I’m not overlooking important details, and it gives me new ideas to implement that I never would have thought of otherwise.

I’m not writing this as a rant to complain about people who are half-assing it. The truth is we usually don’t realize when we’re doing it, but we all do it. Myself included. Therein lies the value of a business coach… Specifically someone who knows how web marketing works. Think on it 🙂


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