Why I forgot about SEO years ago

Technology is always changing. Search engines update their algorithms all the time. We all know this. But for some reason the small business community is still talking about SEO strategies that haven’t been updated in almost 10 years. This is a tragic loss of time and productivity in my experience.

There’s nothing I hate worse than wasting time. Wasting money on the other hand can definitely be fun. But wasting it on SEO? C’mon, you can come up with something more fun than that, right? 🙂

Let’s be clear. In the internet world, 1-2 years is all it takes to be left in the dust if you don’t keep up with all the changes. 5 years ago is ancient history. Most SEO companies haven’t updated their approach in even longer.

There are quality SEO firms out there, don’t get me wrong. And there’s a time and place to hire them. But if you’re a locally-based small business owner (you know…someone who reads this blog, and the type of client we work with), most are nothing more than a money grab. Case in point, I abandoned all SEO efforts years ago. I get more traffic from search than ever, all without spending a single dollar or a single ounce of effort on SEO.

How is it possible?

One thing we seem to have forgotten is that Google and other search engines WANT to find you. It’s what they were literally built to do. But somehow the SEO industry has tricked us into thinking we need to trick the search engines in order to get ranked.

It’s not true. Never has been.

In the next post, I’ll share my personal ninja evil genius mastermind SEO strategy. It’s earned my company all the search traffic we need for over 3 years running now, without spending any mental energy or any money at all. Not even a dime. Not even a minute.

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