Workin Late

IMG_2284-2.JPGHere I am again. 10:39PM. Two more proposals to get out tonight before I can call it a day. I have a weight training session at 5am, and I have my first business call at 8am.

Thank you!

It’s an honor and a privilege to work with the most amazing clients. Amy Stoehr, Linda McLean, Whitedove Gannon, Amy Seedorff, David Hood, Brian Russell, Sherrie Cocanower, TJ Blevins, Emanny Seele. These are clients I’ve talked with personally just in the last 24 hrs.

Just in the last day, we’ve come up with creative new solutions to challenges, pushed out 47 updates to improve performance and security for our clients’ websites, not to mention 104 one-on-one messages out to prospects, clients and vendors.

What are you doing to step up?

My man Rob Bailey says it straight up. “Money never sleeps.”

I have no ambition to brag here. I’m simply sharing what I’m up to, making every attempt to walk the walk.

It’s as simple as this. It’s what I talk about with you in consulting sessions. I’m talking into my iPhone, and in 20 seconds this will be live on the web.

If you think you don’t have time to blog, you just don’t know how to do it yet. I’m happy to show you. If you think it’s not worth your time, you just don’t understand it yet. Let’s chat.

With as fast as things are changing, this has to be considered the new norm. We are out of our element. All of us. Hustling to make a difference. Hustling to do what matters.

Hustling matters. Hustling with the right tools in the right strategy makes an impact. That’s what I’m about. That’s from focusing on. Making an impact.

What are you focusing on?


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